We love organic: Hart - Expert of Organic Grain and Nut

( License / Permit Number: 2911804302 )

In order to provide customers with qualified food, Hart continuously strives to find better products. We focus on natual, organic and no-additive processing to ensure we prepare our products to the highest quality and safety standards.

1. Dried Fruit

We collect delicious, natural and healthy dried fruit from all around the world.

2. Nuts

Eating nuts helps to get nutrients that can only be obtained from animal foods to achieve a balanced diet.

3. Organic Grains

Meet your organic needs in many ways.

4. Healthy Food

Provide sufficient nutritious food daily.

5. Frozen Food

Provide convenient and quick snacks to choose from.

Hart insists that: The quality and safety of our products is our top priority. Our approach to food safety covers from sourcing to producing and packaging, starting with suppliers. We follow rigorous procurement to ensure we select safe, high quality raw materials and food.

[Main Brands]

HART-High-quality nuts Organic food

ChiMei-Premium Mantou Pineapple Cake

Xin Yu-Mantou Dim Sum

Green Farm-Taiwan's high-quality grains

Encore-Hot Dog Sausage Mini Sausage

Wens-Chilled Chicken

WSI Collection-High quality seafood series

Fine Choice-Potato Cracker

Home Bake-Organic Mantou No Added Sugar Biscuits

Qing Feng-Milkfish Fishballs Meatballs

Home Food-Cooked Dumpling

Yaa Fang-Giner Duck Cup-a-Soup Lamb Cup-a-Soup