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Membership level
Silver member already registered (you automatically become a member after the first purchase)
Gold member annual spending of HK$3000 or above is valid for one year (extra discount of 5%)
Platinum members with annual spending of HK$5000 or more, valid for one year (extra 7% discount)
Free shipping on orders over $200 after discounts at all membership levels
Shopping money
1-5% shopping gold rebate for shopping on Hartlimited website, that is, every HKD100 = $5 shopping gold.
2-The accumulated shopping money can be used as cash for the next purchase on Hartlimited website. The more you spend, the more rewards you will get!
3-1 yuan shopping gold equals 1 yuan cash.
4-An order must be over $250 to use the shopping cash, and each order can use up to HK$50 shopping cash.
5-There is no renewal when using the shopping gold, nor can it be exchanged for cash.
6-Shopping money is only used when placing an order on the website.
7-The member's birthday month will automatically send $50 shopping gold as a birthday gift
7 a. The validity period of the birthday shopping gold starts from the day when the birthday is registered
8-If you want to use shopping gold, members must log in to the member account when checking out. If the order has been paid, it will not accept subsequent requests for shopping gold deductions/refunds.
9-If the customer cancels the order, the system will refund the shopping money you used for the order, but if the shopping money has exceeded the original validity period, it will automatically become invalid when returned and cannot be used again.
10-Please carefully evaluate whether to cancel the order. The normal use will not be affected if the shopping money is returned within the expiration date.
11-Members can log in to the Hartlimited website and check their shopping money in [My Account→Shop Shopping Money].
12-The shopping money received through consumption is valid for 365 days from the day of consumption.
13-The accumulated shopping money will be sent to the member's registered account in 1-3 days
Member benefits
1-Birthday reward
2-Give gifts from time to time
3-Enjoy exclusive member discounts
5-Regularly receive new product and event information
Normal condition 
1-Hartlimited will send members the latest promotion information through email, Whatsapp, website notifications, etc. Members must provide the correct email address and mobile phone number to avoid missing important notices.
2-Hartlimited is not responsible for unsuccessful emails.
3-Hartlimited has independent discretion at any time:
3 a.-Adjust, withdraw or cancel the rewards or discounts (including reward points, shopping gold, coupons) that have been issued or will be issued to you;
4-The prices of all products on the website are calculated in Hong Kong dollars.
5-Hartlimited may update this post from time to time to revise any promotion content, terms and conditions. The revised terms will take effect from the date of posting. To
6-Product prices on the website may change without notice.
7-Delivery service in Hong Kong area only (no delivery service in restricted area of ​​Sha Tau Kok, outlying island airport)
8.-Subject to the website price indication, the website will charge a fee according to the website price at the time of payment confirmation.
9-In case of any dispute, Hartlimited reserves the right of final decision.
10-If there is an English translation of these terms and conditions, if there is a discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.