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What Is Chia Seeds

What Is Chia Seeds

Super food from Peru

Chia seeds have become the new darling of health foods in recent years. Actually, it is derived from the seeds of sage and belongs to the Mint family. Its different word comes from the ancient Mayan language, meaning power. Mean to get magical energy after eating.

Chia seed was also one of the staple foods of Aztecs in South America for thousands of years ago. Because it contains many nutrients, it is considered superfood, and it also has the characteristics of swelling and high fiber after absorbing water, so it can be In the gastrointestinal tract, the rate of conversion of starch to sugar is slowed down and it is considered as a weight reduction product.

Chia seeds are rich in protein
Protein accounts for about 14% of its different seeds, which is very large in plants. Because the ratio is complete, it is very beneficial to human absorption.

Chia seeds contain Omega-3
The chia seeds are rich in Omega-3, accounting for about 18%. Studies have shown that Omega-3 can be converted to prostaglandin (PGE3) in the human body and can help the body to fight inflammation. Eliminate edema. Lowering blood pressure also helps stabilize emotions. To improve mood, these are the key factors that reduce excessive eating behavior.

Its different seeds can reduce bad cholesterol. Triglyceride
Because of its different seeds contain fiber. Protein and Omega-3, these nutrients can promote metabolism in the body, in a number of studies found that. Foods such as protein and oats can reduce "low-density lipoprotein" (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride, increase good cholesterol and reduce inflammation, and have positive effects on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Chia seeds can stabilize blood sugar, prevent and improve diabetes
Therefore, stabilizing blood sugar is the first step to maintain vitality and health. It can also reduce the risk of diabetes. In the diet, it is enriched in fiber and absorbs water. It can be used in cooking to slow the conversion of starch to sugar. Speed, so that blood sugar does not surge, and plunge, and to maintain a stable mental state, become physically better and easy to concentrate.

How to soak Chia seeds
Soaking the chia seeds, please remember that the ratio of chia seed to water is about 1:10, that is, 1 teaspoon 15 grams of the different seeds put into 150cc of water, soak for about 15 to 30 minutes (the seeds will absorb water to expand to 10 to 12 times or so), the weight and thickness can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Fresh fruit chia seed cheese recipes:
1. Add one tablespoon of chia seeds to one-half cup of skimmed milk, stir in the freezer overnight. The second will be inflated with chia seeds, so that the canal becomes a thick pudding, you can add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar or honey to taste.
2. In another cup, add half a cup of low-fat plain cheese, one kiwifruit, and one or two teaspoons of honey or sugar substitutes. Stir kiwifruit low-fat cheese.
3. In your favorite container, add kiwifruit low fat cheese, 1⁄4 bowl kiwi fruit, and their different seeds in order, plus a small amount of Strawberries for decoration.
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